Durban 95 Strain

Durban 95 is a wonderful edibles selection. It is also an outstanding cannabis variety with strong pain alleviating effects. Its effectiveness in reducing depressive symptoms and anxiety has helped make it popular among users. With a THC concentration of 25%, this plant has high potential for new users. The fragrance of this marijuana strain includes strawberry and banana notes as well as warm, pleasant earthy nuances. You can purchase Insano Cake.

The name of the Durban 95 strain is enough to elicit images of huge, juicy buds of the highest and fruitiest varieties. This strain has quickly established a following on the West Coast, and it’s easy to understand why.

Cannatonic is a cross between sativa and indica strains that has fantastic fruit taste and fragrance with some of the most concentrated THC levels available. It’s a relaxing, easygoing high complemented by an amazing flavor.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Durban 95 strain, you’ve come to the correct spot. Continue reading as we explain this bud to you.

What Is the Durban 95 Strain?

Durban 95 marijuana is a combination of Bubble Gum and Banana Kush, two extremely potent cannabis varieties. It was created by DNA Genetics staff with assistance from Serious Seeds.

It’s a mix of the strawberry phenotype from Serious Seeds’ Bubble Gum and Crockett’s Banana Kush, according to Leafly. Hopefully it sounds as tasty to you as it does to me. The combination of two unique strains into one certainly has its appeal. It is an indica that has high THC content and produces a lot of resin.

The Durban 95 high is very pleasant and giggly. It can also heighten your senses, which might lead to increased creativity. Keep your bed or sofa near by, though, since it may cause drowsiness after the initial effects have worn off.

If this sounds enticing, then read on as we look at Durban 95’s famous aroma and flavor.

Durban 95 Strain Aroma

Given its name, you would expect Durban 95 marijuana to have a wonderfully fruity scent. Boy, does it deliver! It’s got a tropical aroma that fills the nasal passages with somewhat earthy undertones. The berry is more apparent than the banana in scent, but the banana is still there.

Once you grind the buds, you release the earthy undertone more fully, giving off a hashy, spicy smell. Be warned; it is a real stinker and so does not lend itself to covert consumption. On the flip side, pull some out at a party and the smell alone will turn a few heads. I’d love a car freshener with this killer scent! It is delectable.

So we know it smells good, but how does it taste? Is it as good as it smells? Let’s find out.

Durban 95 Strain Flavor

One of the joys of Durban 95 is, without a doubt, its delicious flavor. Calling a strain Durban 95 puts the pressure on the taste to deliver, and it does not disappoint.

The initial flavor is somewhat stronger and sweeter than that of the smell. The banana tastes become apparent on the exhale. One of the most delicious aspects of this strain is its wonderfully fruity taste, in addition to its scent. This smoothie will make you think of the finest smoothie you’ve ever tasted.

What does it look like? Is it as attractive on the eyes as it is on the tongue and nose? Continue reading to learn more.

Durban 95 Strain Appearance

Strikingly bright green buds characterize the appearance of Durban 95 Strain. Intrigue comes from slight shades of purple and white throughout the buds, with orange pistils crisscrossing over the plant.

The plant has a layer of white trichomes that add to the visual appeal and account for the high THC.

Durban 95 looks like what you would get if you asked someone to draw the stickiest, stinkiest weed around, in the best possible way.

What about if you want to grow some yourself? What do you need to know? Don’t worry, we’ve got everything you need next.

Durban 95 Strain Grow Info

Many firms now sell Durban 95 Strain seeds online, making them readily accessible. As you would when buying cannabis seeds, make certain you’re purchasing from a reliable vendor. Another possibility is to take a clipping from a healthy and mature Durban 95 strain plant. You may use this method to grow an ” genetic clone” of a successful grow.

In terms of difficulty, Durban 95 is suitable for beginner growers as it is a strong, resilient plant. It responds well to a variety of growing methods and thrives both indoors and out. For a successful outdoor grow, you would want temperatures around 70°F with humid daytimes.

If you’re like me, you were hesitant to put your succulents outside at night because it was too chilly. However, if done correctly, putting your succulents outside at night in the winter might be a lot of fun! The cold may be applied to the plant by exposing them to temperatures below 60°F at night.

Indoors, it doesn’t take too long to bud, flowering between 9-10 weeks typically. If you feed the plant well, it will offer a big yield of between 1.2 to 1.8 ounces (42g to 51g) per square foot.

Outdoors, if cultivated in an ideal condition, Durban 95 will be prime for harvest early to mid-October. The total outdoor yield can go up to a phenomenal 23 ounces per plant, sometimes even more.

When you’ve harvested your buds, it’s critical to cure them in order to preserve their resin. For a week, hang the buds upside down at 70°F and 50% humidity. They will dry as a result of this treatment. After that, put the buds in airtight jars with conditions of 70°F and 60-65% humidity for storage.

If you follow all of the above and harvest your flowers correctly, what kind of THC and CBD content can you expect? Find out in our next couple of sections.

THC Content of the Durban 95 Strain

When it comes to THC content, Durban 95 cannabis ranks right up there with the best of the best. The strain frequently has a THC concentration of around 25%, making it quite strong and towards the high end of THC content.

The strain can get even better though. Green Leaf Labs conducted a lab test in 2018 on Durban 95 cannabis. Their results found that strain to have a frankly ridiculous 32.61% total THC.

Strains with a THC concentration of more than 30% are rare, making that particular batch of Durban 95 one of the most powerful cannabis strains available.

Please be advised that because of its high THC concentration, this strain is not recommended for novice marijuana users. Only skilled marijuana users or those who are confident in their THC tolerance should attempt Durban 95. What is the CBD content? Is it as rich in CBD as it is in THC?

CBD Content of the Durban 95 Strain

Although it has a high THC concentration, Durban 95 falls behind in terms of CBD content. The most documented CBD level is 0.76 percent, which was recorded during testing.

The CBD content of Durban 95 seeds is also the highest ever recorded. Even lower than this, according to Durban 95, are the regular tests they conduct in Durban. These levels signify that you would not experience any CBD-related effects from ingesting Durban 95. If you’re searching for a high-CBD strain, look elsewhere.

So, we know about its THC and CBD content now, but what medical effects does Durban 95 have? We go into detail next.

Medical Benefits of the Durban 95 Strain

Durban 95 is a THC-heavy, low-CBD content strain. This means any possible medical benefits will mainly be focused on the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

Durban 95 typically produces a euphoric and upbeat feeling. One of its primary advantages is the powerful relaxing effect it may have. As a result, it has the potential to assist individuals suffering from depression, anxiety, or tension.

It could be of benefit if you are feeling a little bit lower than usual and need a little pick me up.

Another option is to assist people who are having difficulty sleeping. After the initial “high” wears off, Durban 95 often makes users feel drowsy. These consequences suggest it might help you relax. If insomnia persists, there are other strains that may aid in this regard, but not as effectively as this one.

It has also been shown to enhance creativity and sharpen one’s senses as well as focus. This impact is often brought about by the strain’s tranquilizing effect, which provides a sense of well-being. It might also assist persons with attention deficit issues owing to this property.

For those looking for help with a more physical ailment, Durban 95 would not be the best strain. For those sorts of problems, you would ideally want a strain with a higher CBD content.

That’s not to say that Durban 95 couldn’t assist. Some people with chronic pain have said that Durban 95 helped them. It does help those who suffer from migraines, according to some sufferers.

Please note, it is impossible to say for definite how any strain will affect everyone. This is the same with any medical treatment; there is never a 100% guarantee it will work, unfortunately.

Everyone’s body is made up a slightly different way, meaning the effects of the strain may vary. Just because it is helped someone with the same problem as yourself, doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you too.

Surely it can’t all be good, though. There must be some possible side effects? We look into that next.

Possible Side Effects of the Durban 95 Strain

The possible side effects of the Durban 95 strain are those that are similar to most marijuana strains. It can lead to dry mouth and dry eyes.

As stated earlier, it can also induce a sense of drowsiness, so users should prepare for that. For example, it wouldn’t be appropriate to operate heavy machinery or drive after consumption.

The best time to use Durban 95 is at night, when you don’t have anything important to do.

While kratom is legal in the United States, it can have several negative effects if taken excessively. These include feeling dizzy, anxious, and paranoid, especially if you are already experiencing them. The low incidence of these side effects among Durban 95 users should be noted.

Still, everything in moderation, please. We want you to have a good time.

Final Thoughts on the Durban 95 Strain

Overall, the Durban 95 strain is deserving of the recent fame it has found. It is an excellent strain of cannabis, offering a rare mix of killer flavors with exceptional effects.

It’s a smart choice for both beginning and expert growers, with a high profit margin. A large crop is practically certain as long as you take good care of it!

It’s famous for having a high THC content, which makes it the ideal “stoner” drug in the finest way possible. It will provide you with a general sense of peace and serenity. This makes it particularly beneficial for a number of problems, including sadness and sleeplessness, but especially stress.

All of this makes it an excellent strain to kick back and unwind after a long, hard day.

Due to its low CBD content, it is probably not the best option if you are looking for help with a more physically based ailment.

The possible side effects are those typically associated with marijuana in general, but can mostly be kept at bay by only consuming in moderation.

All in all, a berry good strain that deserves to rank as a top banana! Durban 95 packs a punch in just about every category you can name!

What do you think of Durban 95? Have you tried it? Or maybe even grown it yourself?

Let us know your thoughts on Durban 95 in the comments below.

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