Heaven’s Devil Strain

The uplifting strain of Heaven’s Devil fills you with energy and drive, making you ready to accomplish anything. The search for a motivational and energizing marijuana strain that is appropriate for novices can be difficult at times. Try our Lemonade Packwoods Medellin.

Fortunately, Heaven’s Devil is gaining popularity, appearing in smoke shops and dispensaries all across the country. Let’s have a look at this citrusy, newbie-friendly strain to see what makes it so appealing.

What Is the Heaven’s Devil Strain?

Heaven’s Devil is a balanced hybrid strain recognized for its soothing qualities and belongs to the Haze family. Heaven’s Devil was first developed by Barney’s Farm and is a cross between G13 and Chemdawg 91.

The Heaven’s Devil strain has received a number of accolades, including the 2011 High Times Cannabis Cup. The Heaven’s Devil is known for providing powerful cerebral effects and a long-lasting body high to those who consume it.

The strokes of Heaven’s Devil have a fast onset, starting with tightness around the eyes and temples. This sensation rapidly pervades your entire body. The sudden impacts of Heaven’s Devil may be dizzying at first, making you feel as if everything is moving much faster than usual.

As your body adjusts to the effects of Heaven’s Devil, you notice a wave of motivation and energy. Heaven’s Devil has become a popular morning strain for this very reason, helping to fuel you through boring chores and long to-do lists.

Heaven’s Devil is a unique strain that has a strong narcotic effect, making it ideal for getting you through your to-do list. It’s also great for looking at issues in a more optimistic light since the uplifting high that comes with it is not just for boosting motivation to get things done. It may also be beneficial in social gatherings to make you feel at ease by implying that all social anxiety has melted away. Conversation appears to flow naturally as numerous people report being able to chat about many topics freely.

Heaven’s Devil is a strong stimulant that should generally be avoided late in the day and evening since it might make it hard to wind down and go asleep.


The scent of Heaven’s Devil is like that of a summer hike in the woods, with a touch of spring flowers. There is no better strain to get you through the long winter months than this one.

As you break apart Heaven’s Devil’s dense buds, you are overcome with a woody pine aroma that quickly fills the room. Heaven’s Devil’s natural, earthy fragrance transports you straight into the great outdoors, fueling you with energy before you even start smoking.

Burning Heaven’s Devil, on the other hand, adds to its fragrance and may quickly become overpowering when smoking indoors. It’s a good idea to have a few windows open while smoking Heaven’s Devil since fresh air is essential for preserving your enjoyment.

Heaven’s Devil produces a delicate smoke that is easy to breathe through, even for non-smokers. As a result, Heaven’s Devil is popular among individuals who do not smoke on a regular basis. It has very rarely produced the dreaded cannabis cough fit.

As a result of its extremely fragrant smoke, Heaven’s Devil’s vapors can linger in the air for many hours. Because of its overpowering stench, Heaven’s Devil is not a strain to try and hide.


The flavor profile of ‘Heaven’s Devil’ is often unexpected, with a fresh citrus sensation that contrasts sharply with its earthy aroma. Your taste buds are awakened with a powerful burst of lime as soon as you breathe in Heaven’s Devil’s clean, smooth smoke.

As you continue to breathe through Heaven’s Devil, you can enjoy the wave of citrus. The burst of lime combined with an herbal undertone resembles a cocktail, reminding you of summer afternoons lounging by the pool with a cold drink in hand.

The peppery aftertaste that develops gradually in the mouth, adding a unique and intriguing element to the citrus drink. The pepper performs surprisingly well here, playing against the lime’s sourness and the herbal tones.

Heaven’s Devil leaves a fresh, invigorating taste in your mouth, making it hard not to reach for just one more puff.


Heaven’s Devil plants grow to a medium height and tend to take on a bushy shape. Their short, stocky shape allows Heaven’s Devil plants to easily blend in among other plants.

Heaven’s Devil buds are a vibrant and cheerful color, with a light green hue. The tips of the buds are covered in white trichomes and thin red hairs, giving them a beautiful layer of texture.

The leaves of a Heaven’s Devil plant look similar to those on a bush. The densely packed buds and bushy form of the Heaven’s Devil plant blend in with each other, making them nearly impossible to notice.

The buds on a Heaven’s Devil plant are tightly packed together, making it tough to tell one from the other. The buds themselves have a dense feel about them and might be difficult to break down without the aid of a grinder.

Heaven’s Devil Strain Grow Info

The Heaven’s Devil strain seeds are readily available through most cannabis seed vendors and can also be found online. Both indoors and outside, Heaven’s Devil is an excellent choice for new growers to help build confidence with a gratifying yield.

Heaven’s Devil is a rewarding cannabis strain since it blooms quickly and produces a larger yield than most others. It’s also recognized for its resistance to common garden pests and molds, making it an excellent choice for people who don’t want to spend time growing things on their own. Heaven’s Devil is a wonderful strain for individuals who don’t want to commit to regular gardening duties.

For those who plan on growing Heaven’s Devil plants outside, you can expect to receive a harvest between late September and early October, depending on your specific climate. The optimal outdoor climate for growing Heaven’s Devil plants is a dry one, with temperatures varying from warm to hot.

When grown indoors, you can expect to harvest Heaven’s Devil plants in as little as eight weeks. It’s usually a good idea to cultivate Heaven’s Devil plants indoors if you reside in a hot or rainy climate or if the weather is unpredictable. Indoor cultivation allows for precise temperature and humidity management, allowing your plants to reach their full potential.

The only downside to growing Heaven’s Devil plants indoors is their bushy and slightly wild-growing patterns. Regular trimming can help tame plants, ensuring that they don’t grow too wide and preventing them from taking over your grow room.

Medical Benefits of the Heaven’s Devil Strain

Heaven’s Devil is commonly used to treat depression and anxiety. Its uplifting and revitalizing qualities make it ideal for treating a variety of the most common symptoms of depression. Heaven’s Devil is a daytime strain, which means users can continue with their regular routines while still taking advantage of the strain’s mood boost.

While Heaven’s Devil is primarily known for its motivating and energizing effects, it also helps to calm your mind, ideal for those who suffer from anxiety. Heaven’s Devil has the ability to push negative and stressful thoughts to the back of your mind while also filling you with a rewarding sense of motivation.

Heaven’s Devil may be used to ease minor aches and pains as well. While most pain-relieving strains leave you drowsy and unable to fully enjoy their advantages, Heaven’s Devil gives you with energy and motivation that you are able to use without feeling sedated.

For a long time, Heaven’s Devil has been used to help with ADHD and ADD. Even a modest dose of Heaven’s Devil is sufficient to improve attention and ambition to work on the most difficult tasks.

Possible Side Effects of the Heaven’s Devil Strain

Another advantage of Heaven’s Devil is the strain’s lack of severe side effects. Despite the high THC amount in Heaven’s Devil, side effects are uncommon and tend to be considerably less intense than those produced by other strains.

Dry mouth is a common side effect of Heaven’s Devil. Dry mouth, which is a short-term sensation of being dehydrated and having developed a coat of fur on the roof of your mouth, may make you feel dehydrated and sick. The good news is that by drinking plenty of water, you can control the effects of dry mouth, which only last for a few hours.

Dry eyes, dizziness, and headaches are some of the other effects that people sometimes experience when smoking Heaven’s Devil. In terms of sensation, dry eyes is comparable to dry mouth. Dry eyes, on the other hand, are considerably rarer than dry mouth.

The high THC concentration in Heaven’s Devil is most likely the reason why some individuals experience dizziness and headaches. People with a naturally low THC tolerance are more likely to have these effects.

Final Thoughts on Heaven’s Devil Strain

Heaven’s Devil is a bright citrus strain that quickly lifts your spirits. There is no better strain for a dreary, wet, winter day when you need a burst of energy with a combination of flavorful tastes. It’s almost possible to fool your mind into thinking it’s summer.

Heaven’s Devil is excellent for morning and early afternoon use, providing you with the energy you need to get through chores and responsibilities with ease. Heaven’s Devil has also been found to help those who have attention problems focus better and stay on task.

Heaven’s Devil is not only good for a party. The uplifting qualities assist to clear your thoughts and relax you, while also providing energy. Social anxiety simply vanishes before your eyes, allowing you to engage in the social interaction without worry.

Heaven’s Devil is a sativa-dominant hybrid with varieties ranging from lemon to pine. Whether you’re searching for a motivational strain, an uplifting high, or simply a fresh burst of citrus, this sativa will definitely get the job done.

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