Kootenayz Exoticz

Kootenayz Exoticz is a sativa-dominant hybrid that combines uplifting sativa effects with relaxing indica effects. It has delicious berry characteristics in the flavor and scent, as well as a thick, creamy smoke. Use this strain to alleviate boredom, aches and pains, and loss of appetite. You can buy Full Melt Bubble Hash.

For a variety of causes, sativa strains are highly popular in the cannabis industry. They provide ideal wake-and-bake choices, ensuring that you can be alert and energetic all day. However, every sativa is unique in its own way.

The Kootenayz ExoticZ strain is a 75 percent sativa-dominant hybrid. It mixes the uplifting effects of a sativa with the relaxing properties of indicas. As a result, Kootenayz ExoticZ could be your new favorite, go-to strain!

In this Kootenay Exoticz review, we look at the finest elements of Kootenay Exoticz and its side effects. Perhaps you’ll need to go looking for this uncommon beauty on your next trip to the dispensary.

What Is the Kootenayz Exoticz Strain?

Kootenayz Exoticz marijuana is a combination of X-18 and DTC99. Dutchgrown Seeds chose X18 because it is a strong Pakistani landrace indica; they combined it with the sativa-dominant DTC99 to change its effects.

The Kootenayz Exoticz strain is sativa-dominant, with 75 percent sativa genetics. As a result, the high is uplifting and inspiring, just as you would expect from a sativa. In addition, Kootenayz Exoticz has THC levels of up to 18 percent, resulting in a stimulating high that isn’t overpowering.

The high of Kootenayz Exoticz begins in the head. It is intellectually engaging as well as provocative to creativity. So, if you have any creative things to do on your to-do list, Kootenayz Exoticz could be the ideal fit! The head high also reduces negative emotions, making you feel uplifted and happy.

You will be able to walk into Kootenayz Exoticz and immediately feel at ease. You won’t get dizzy or overly stimulated; instead, you’ll feel calm and relaxed.

Because of the minimal amount of indica genetics, the high may seep into your body. With a soothing that goes through every muscle, Kootenayz Exoticz is excellent at relieving pain. Additionally, Kootenayz Exoticz has been recognized to produce a severe case of munchies, so keep some food on hand!


The scent of Kootenayz Exoticz is surprisingly pleasant. This pungent strain has buds that fill the air with fragrance and may be smelled from a distance. Fortunately, the aroma is one of sweetness, different from other marijuana strains.

The pungent, hoppy smell that accompanies virtually every strain is a welcome addition. Kootenayz Exoticz, on the other hand, contains a lot more sweet scents such as jasmine and fruitiness. The most prominent aroma is blueberries.


However, Kootenayz Exoticz has a pleasant flavor that you probably wouldn’t expect. The smoke is thick, yet not in an unpleasant way. It’s creamy and sweet, just like the scent.

The flavor is carried over by the berry tones of the scent, with traces of blueberry accentuating it. It’s a treat that will have you coming back for more thanks to the buttery creaminess of the smoke and the overall deliciousness.

The earthy tones in the scent are carried over to the flavor, which is perhaps even better. The flower undertones temper those sweet tastes a touch, adding something special to this bud. Kootenayz Exoticz is a fantastic strain that pleases your taste buds.


Kootenayz Exoticz has a unappealing appearance in comparison to the taste and scent. The buds are forest green, with no distinctive features. There may be trichomes and pistils visible, in keeping with true sativa growth habits.

Kootenayz Exoticz Strain Grow Info

In terms of cultivation, little is known about the Kootenayz Exoticz strain. It grows to a similar height as a sativa and may need to be restrained. The Sea of Green (SoG) technique, which has been used to successfully cultivate Kootenayz Exoticz, is often recommended by growers.

Kootenayz Exoticz also requires maintenance, which includes pruning. To achieve the best outcomes, cut it back from the sixth internode for optimum growth. It appears that it takes around nine weeks to blossom.

Kootenayz Exoticz seeds were originally released by Kootenaya Seeds under restricted release, making it difficult to locate the seeds. Instead, take a cutting from a grower you trust is an option. Clippings also offer more control over your growth and decrease the margin of error.

THC Content – Highest Test

The THC content of ‘Kootenayz Exoticz’ varies between about 14% and 18%, with an average of 16%. These concentrations are suitable for individuals who are less experienced since they are not excessively powerful. It’s also sufficient to deliver a decent high that gets stronger the more you consume. As usual, novices should proceed with caution so they don’t get caught up in the trap of taking too much.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Kootenayz Exoticz has never revealed its CBD content. It’s probable that Kootenayz Exoticz’s CBD content is less than 1% based on the parentage and typical sativa-dominant hybrid strain CBD concentration. This isn’t uncommon in many strains, but it doesn’t imply that Kootenayz Exoticz is useless for medical purposes.

Medical Benefits of the Kootenayz Exoticz Strain

With marijuana becoming more popular, it’s no surprise that its use for medical purposes has taken off. Patients are increasingly turning to cannabis for a variety of reasons. The Kootenayz Exoticz strain could be beneficial for MMJ patients dealing with a range of issues, including both mental and physical problems.

Kootenayz Exoticz’s sativa-like head high is beneficial for those experiencing mood issues such as sadness, worry, or mania. While some cerebral strains may lift you too much and create a buzzy high that could be harmful to bipolar people, Kootenayz Exoticz has enough soothing effects to keep you grounded.

Negative thoughts dissolve, leaving you pleased and peaceful.

Those suffering from chronic pain can benefit from the THC content of this strain. THC is frequently used to ease minor aches and pains. The Kootenayz Exoticz indica component, which affects rather than the mind, is also helpful in reducing pain.

One of Kootenayz Exoticz’ most important purposes is as a hunger stimulant. It generates a strong feeling of the munchies, making it difficult for you to resist food. Creating an urgent desire to eat is one of the intended uses of Kootenayz Exoticz.

Kootenayz Exoticz also appears to help with nausea and a lack of appetite, which can be extremely unpleasant side effects when treating cancer. One Kootenayz Exoticz hit will have you eating like a champ in no time.

Possible Side Effects of the Kootenayz Exoticz Strain

Unfortunately, Kootenayz Exoticz has a long list of negative effects. Ironically, Kootenayz Exoticz has been reported to produce anxiety in some people, despite its use as a mood disorder therapy. Because this strain is known to induce paranoia in those who are sensitive to THC, it’s best avoided by individuals with such tendencies.

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are also quite prevalent. After smoking Kootenayz Exoticz, you might have red, dry eyes and a feeling of dehydration. Neither of these side effects is dangerous; simply use water and eye drops to dispel them.

For those who aren’t expecting it, the munchies may be an unpleasant side effect. If you’re on a diet, be aware that this strain makes you hungry and perhaps avoid it if possible. Prepare some nutritious snacks to keep your mouth occupied while high on this strain.

Final Thoughts

The Kootenayz Exoticz is a wonderful strain that combines the energy of a sativa with the relaxed feeling of an indica. It’s a fantastic early afternoon strain that gives a boost of creativity and joy to an otherwise dreary evening. Keep in mind that, because it’s a sativa, it won’t make you fall asleep any time soon!

Kootenayz Exoticz is a strain that users adore, with berry undertones and a sweet scent. It’s one of the rarest cannabis strains around, but it’s also difficult to come by. If you see Kootenayz Exoticz at your local dispensary, grab it while you still have the chance!

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