Loud City Wax Pen: Vape Pen vs. Wax Pen

Wax pens and vape pens aren’t “tomayto, tomahto” as they’re frequently portrayed. In fact, they differ in a variety of ways, including the THC material that they vaporize and how they’re manufactured. So, what is the difference between a dab pen and a vape pen? Why is it significant to understand the distinction?

If you go into a smoke shop and ask for a wax pen and have a wax pen cartridge on hand, you may not get what you want. Consider this: all wax pens are vape pens, but not all vape pens are wax pens… then there’s also those that are both. Let’s clarify things. Looking to try something new? Check out this loud city wax pen.

Wax Pens

Wax pens are technically vape pens because the material inside the device is literally vaporized by the heat. To vaporize thicker waxes, dab vape pens include a heating coil and atomizer. The first step of vaporization in your gadget is carried out with the heating coil. It converts the battery’s power into heat, which causes the wax in the atomizer to vaporize. Dab vape pens require only an atomizer because this is where you stuff your wax or concentrate before reattaching it to the battery.

Wax vapes are a bit more complicated to use than concentrate vapes. This makes dab pens ideal for the hands-on stoner who prefers raw material and finds the entire smoking experience relaxing. Use a dabbing tool to remove a portion of wax from the container and drop it into the atomizer. The dabbing tool should be heat-resistant and nonstick so that you may easily remove your wax off it.

Concentrates are notorious for being difficult to pick up and handle properly. For years, we’ve complained about it, so we developed the Ooze Hot Knife! This is a medical-grade ceramic dab tool that fits over your Ooze pen’s top. The tip gets hot, preventing wax from adhering to the utensil and allowing everything to slide cleanly off into the banger.

To access the coil, the top of the atomizer may have to be removed. Then, replace the atomizer and dab away!

The Globes’ glass globe attachments are ideal for quickly loading your wax and turning your basic vape pen into a functional dab vaporizer. Simply replace your pre-filled oil cartridge with the Globe, which includes two distinct coil designs, to create a portable dab.

Wax Pens Vape All Types of Cannabis Extracts 

Vaping marijuana concentrates in a wax pen has several names: shatter, rosin, budder, crumble, and wax. These concentrates have a thicker consistency than most e-liquids and need different equipment to be vaporized. A wax pen heats cannabis concentrate using a ceramic heating atomizer region to convert it into vapor for inhalation. Because of the higher viscosity of the concentrate, they require more heat.

Vape Pens

A Vape Pen is a battery-operated device with a 510 thread, pre-filled oil cartridge connected to it. These are frequently single-use cartridges that you can purchase from the dispensary already filled with cannabis oil. This oil is derived from the cannabis plant and often includes various cannabinoids and terpenes for taste. Most pre-filled oil cartridges on the market are “510 thread.” This refers to how it physically connects to your vape battery, and most vape pens are built to work with 510 thread cartridges.

Oil-filled batteries don’t include a heating coil, making it a closed system ideal for loading external oil cartridges or even ceramic coils. The cartridge is screwed into the battery’s heating chamber (the pen itself) which vaporizes the THC oils. These gadgets are fantastic for smokers who want to use cannabis in the most practical and hygienic way possible. All you have to do is connect your pre-filled THC cartridge and push a button to start vaping. They’re also really simple to operate: simply attach your pre-filled THC cartridge and press a button. Furthermore, you never handle the material directly yourself.

The Dr. Dabber Light is one of our favorite vape pens, because it’s compatible with all 510 thread cartridges, features a preheat function, and different temperature settings. If you know what voltage you want, our 650-, 900- and 1100-mAh batteries are an even easier option. All Ooze vape batteries make a fantastic addition to your smoking group since they have lengthy battery life and sturdy heating elements!

 Double-Duty Devices

As cannabis technology continues to develop, purchasing a device that may be used for both cartridges and raw concentrates might not be a bad idea. Not to mention, your tastes may change over time. The Duplex Dual Extract Vaporizer is a vape battery gadget with a coil and wick for wax as well as 510 threaded pre-filled THC cartridges.

Our other preferred hybrid vaping device is the Fusion, which includes three distinct coil types so you can choose the best setting for the material you’re vaping. Simply attach your atomizer (filled with a big dab) or pre-filled oil cartridge to the battery. If you’re using wax, make sure to put on the coil first before putting on the mouthpiece top. Oil doesn’t need a coil or a mouthpiece; simply attach your cartridge to the battery. We just introduced new hues to our collection, allowing you to combine and match your Fusion attachments in even more combinations.

There’s a vape pen for everyone. Whether you prefer to mix things up between dabs and oil or stick with one, invest in something that will make your day a little easier—and more enjoyable!

Wax pen v. dab pen, what’s the difference?

Wax pens and dab pens are the same thing except for one detail: they differ in material, function, and features. At their core, wax pens and dab pens are the same; both utilize a heating mechanism, such as an inner coil or wick to vaporize and inhale substances. The term “wax pen” was originally used to describe the devices, before dabs became widely known. Nowadays, both terms are applied to the devices.

What’s better, a wax pen or a vape pen?

You’ll have to evaluate your own preferences when deciding between a wax pen and a vape pen. Vape pens are typically more convenient since you won’t need to fill your pen with a concentrate like you would with a wax pen.

Manufacturers pre-load vape carts with oil, distillate, or live resin before shipment and are ready to utilize once linked to the vape pen battery. Wax pens, on the other hand, are preferable because they offer quicker and more powerful effects than vape carts.

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