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Since the mid-1980s, the pure indica Ortega strain has been a favorite among cannabis consumers. It has nutty, earthy notes and some delicious berry sweetness, which gives the user a deep sense of relaxation. You can buy Ortega with Weed Delivery Toronto.

Ortega is a classic cannabis strain that has been around since the mid-1980s. The 1980s have been dubbed “the decade that fashion forgot” (or wishes to forget!). Fortunately, this vintage strain has never gone out of style or been forgotten. Continue reading to learn more about this well-known marijuana strain and why it is so popular.

What Is the Ortega Strain?

Mr. Nice Seeds’ Ortega is an Indica variety created from Shantibaba’s Northern Lights #1 and #5 phenotypes. In the mid-1980s, legendary cannabis breeder Shantibaba selected some seeds from the Northern Lights #1 and #5 phenotypes to develop the Ortega strain, according to legend.

With such a high-quality lineage at its foundation, it’s no surprise that Ortega is still in demand today.

The high from Ortega is what you would expect from a pure indica strain. The majority of users report a full-body relaxation that deepens into couch lock and total narcosis. Because Ortega’s effects are similar to those of other strains, it’s best used in the evening. Most people will begin to feel heavy and exhausted by late evening. It’s easy to understand why Ortega is such a popular choice among cannabis users who suffer from insomnia.


When Ortega’s buds are crushed and opened, they release a strong, dank odor. When burned, on the other hand, Ortega’s scent is very pleasant. Sweet and spicy scents mingle to produce a fruity berry aroma that pervades the air with Ortega’s distinct fragrance.


The Ortega strain offers a robust berry flavor with appetizing rich berries. On the in take, nuances of spice and herbal notes blend with Ortega’s fruity taste, which delights the taste buds.


A mature Ortega plant can reach up to five feet tall. A Christmas tree-like form characterizes the adult plant, which is forest green in hue and has thin trichomes on it. These plants feature bright purple hues with fiery pistils that contrast strongly against Ortega’s sparse covering of frosted trichomes.

Ortega Strain Grow Info

Would-be Ortega growers will need some prior experience growing cannabis plants. There isn’t a lot of detailed information about cultivating the Ortega strain available in the public domain. Whether you’re growing this strain indoors or outside, using tried and true techniques should guarantee a successful harvest.

Ortega peppers can be ready to harvest in as little as 6-8 weeks when grown indoors. Indoor growers will also get a high yield of 18 to 26 ounces per square meter, which is comparable with outdoor harvests.

The Ortega strain thrives best in a warm, dry Mediterranean climate. These plants are typically ready to harvest from the first to third weeks of October. Outdoor growers will be happy to hear that they can expect around 20 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

The highest THC concentration found in an Ortega strain was 17%, which is relatively low. The average THC level of most Ortega strains is between 15 and 17 percent, which most experienced cannabis users should be able to handle.

CBD Content – Highest Test

The Ortega strain has not been confirmed via laboratory testing and does not include any CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Ortega Strain

Many individuals utilize the Ortega strain to cure sleeplessness or other sleep-related issues, owing to its extremely sedative and relaxing effects. The Ortega strain is commonly used to combat insomnia and restless legs syndrome, for example.

It is said that the Ortega strain has analgesic effects. As a result, it may aid medicinal cannabis users suffering from pain and inflammation. The Ortega strain is used for a variety of purposes, including reducing muscular spasms, cramps, and headaches.

Possible Side Effects of the Ortega Strain

Cottonmouth and dry eyes are the most frequently reported negative effects of the Ortega strain. They’re minor, and they may be readily treated by drinking plenty of water and utilizing eye drops. After smoking the Ortega strain, most people will experience couch-lock. Novices may find this sedated sensation to be quite distressing, therefore it’s crucial to be aware of it ahead of time.

Given Ortega’s moderate THC content, consumers who are experienced with cannabis are unlikely to feel any negative effects from THC.

Final Thoughts on the Ortega Strain

The Ortega strain is a well-known indica that dates back to the mid-1980s. It’s still popular among cannabis smokers today, thanks to its high-quality genetics and powerful effects.

Ortega is a pure indica strain that offers complete body sedation. The majority of users claim that it alleviates muscular discomfort and aches, as well as providing a good sleep aid due to its heavy sedative qualities.

It’s possible that couch-lock will occur for those who haven’t experienced the Ortega strain before. If you want to unwind with a relaxing evening on the sofa, the Ortega strain is an excellent choice.

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