White Moonshine Marijuana Strain

The White Moonshine strain is a restful and relaxing type that helps you relax your mind and body. Although this strain has a cerebral, spacey high, it can make you feel slightly intoxicated in the same way as high-proof alcohol does.

You may want to go home and relax with your favorite cannabis strain after a long day at the workplace. The difficulty is that many strains make you feel so drowsy that you can’t move or have fun. To brighten your day, try Black Dragon Hybrid.

Naturally, you want to get the most out of every hour of your leisure time. A strain that makes you do nothing on the sofa is not one that encourages this. The White Moonshine strain appears to have been created to address this problem. The effects of this strain allow you to relax both physically and mentally, without being too sedated or couch-locked.

Let’s look a little further into the White Moonshine strain to discover more.

What Is the White Moonshine Strain?

The White Moonshine strain was bred by Ogr breeders and is descended from The White and Blue Moonshine. This intriguing mix produces an indica-dominant hybrid with a 75 percent indica to 25 percent sativa ratio.

White Moonshine, like other types of moonshine, is a potent psychoactive drug with psychedelic effects. White Moonshine lets you feel both euphoria and calmness at the same time. The mild nature of White Moonshine’s effects is what makes it so popular.


The first thing ‘White Moonshine’ does is to produce a gradual heating sensation. This sensation begins at the temples and travels down your arms before dissipating. Your limbs will become light and energetic, with minor aches and pains disappearing.

First and foremost, you feel a surge of joy and a sense of detachment. Some people believe that these effects might help to relax tired minds. White Moonshine is great for nighttime consumption because of the effects it has.

Although White Moonshine induces drowsiness, it does not leave you sedated. Many people use this strain to help them fall asleep.


The White Moonshine marijuana strain has a strong lemony odor. The buds have a pleasant, light hash scent about them. When you break up the White Moonshine bud, subtle dirt notes emerge. However, this fades away quickly in the air, leaving only the lemon zest that was there before.

As White Moon is burned, the lemon flavor inside the buds increases. When you smoke White Moon, you won’t cough uncontrollably.


For people who enjoy White Moonshine for its light, lemony scent, the flavor is not far off. There’s a hint of hash in the background, and it has a sweet taste with a little kick.

As you take your first puff of White Moonshine smoke, the strong, sweet flavor of freshly squeezed lemons floods your mouth. The hash becomes more apparent as you exhale; it adds an earthy element to the experience.


The leaves of White Moonshine are a brilliant green color. The pistils of White Moonshine’s buds have tarnished, which gives the overall hue a brighter appearance.

The White, as you’ve no doubt guessed by now, is a trichome-covered indica. It’s named for the white trichomes that cover its buds, similar to those on The White.

White Moonshine buds are quite squat and have a typical spade shape, which is common among indica-dominant strains. Typically, White Moonshine buds are densely crammed, implying that each bud can pack a punch.

White Moonshine Strain Grow Info

White Moonshine cannabis seeds may be bought online and cultivated to produce your own White Moonshine plants at home. Growing White Moonshine is a simple process, even for inexperienced marijuana cultivators.

White Moonshine plants are in their most healthy when kept in a dry environment. Maintaining a low humidity level during the blooming season is recommended by experts. This will help the plant’s distinctive thick resin covering develop.

The name of this strain suggests that it’s a tiny version of MoonShine. It grows short and bushy and is an indica-dominant strain with small buds. Because they don’t require much floor to ceiling space, they’re ideal for keeping inside.

White Moonshine plants grow slowly and take ten weeks to finish producing in the garden. After ten weeks, White Moonshine crops may be harvested in the greenhouse. Outdoor White Moonshine cultivators should expect their plants to be ready for harvesting in late September or early October. Because White Moonshine is resistant to most types of mold, it only needs moderate care. Trim your plant on a regular basis to keep its shape.

THC and CBD Content Test

White Moonshine is a marijuana strain with a THC concentration of between 15% and 19%. White Moonshine is above the average for a hybrid plant. Despite having greater than usual THC levels, White Moonshine does not produce many of the negative side effects associated with high THC concentrations.

CBD levels in White Moonshine are quite low. Because White Moonshine has a THC concentration that is much higher than the typical, it’s very unlikely to have any more than 1% CBD.

Medical Benefits of the White Moonshine Strain

Many individuals suggest White Moonshine for stress and anxiety. White Moonshine, which is clear-headed, euphoric, and has a lifting effect on the mood, can help to improve one’s disposition while relaxing the mind.

According to numerous White Moon Shine users, it can alleviate a number of common ailments. Some users claim that White Moon Shine may assist with inflammation reduction.

Possible Side Effects of the White Moonshine Strain

The most typical negative effects of White Moonshine smoking are dry mouth and dizziness. The uncommon adverse effects linked with the White Moonshine strain are genuinely uncommon.

One thing is certain, though: if you overindulge in White Moonshine, you may become disoriented and alienated from the rest of society.

Final Thoughts

After-work drinking is common with White Moonhine. Users adore this strain’s uplifting effects, which are quickly followed by a relaxing state. While the White Moonshine strain isn’t likely to keep you too occupied, it can leave you spaced out.

Keep in mind that when drinking White Moonshine, you should drink in moderation. You could get really intoxicated if you overdo it.

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