Black Diamond Weed

The Black Diamond strain is a powerful variety, both in terms of flavor and effects. It has an overpowering blackberry taste with notes of burned toffee and hardwood woven throughout. You might even perceive your environment as sparkling like a diamond, literally, due to this strain’s ability to induce psychedelic side effects. Ideal for unwinding and giggling without the sedative couchlock.

Diamonds have long been associated with friendship, the ideal gemstone for a woman’s life and one that can help her feel gorgeous. In many respects, diamonds represent a feeling of ownership and jubilant pride that you just can’t achieve any other way.

Black Diamond is a strain that pays homage to all things lovely, and breeders have managed to create one diamond of a variety that you’ll be proud to display: it’s Black Diamond.

Blue Fire is a potent hybrid strain with indica leanings dedicated to delivering those special feelings of delight, pleasure, and excitement that come with acquiring something unique; it’s just for you.

Let’s look at this one-of-a-kind variety and figure out what makes it so unique.

What is the Black Diamond Strain?

Black Diamond is an indica-dominant hybrid that was created by crossbreeding Blackberry and Diamond OG, two well-known pungent strains.

The main feature of Black Diamond is its enormous amount of THC, as well as the very apparent effects.

The Black Diamond high is somewhat understated, taking hold rapidly yet without a lot of fanfare. You’ll feel as if you’re floating and have a lightness in your limbs, accompanied by an overpowering sense of calm and serenity.

There’s a certain pull that hits you fast, compelling you to attempt and sit down somewhere nice – if you try Black Diamond when out somewhere new, you’ll be tempted to leave as soon as possible. The soothing sensation that grips you will cause you to return home in order to relax the most possible. Nothing will be able to keep you from relaxing.

Due to the high amount of THC present in this strain, Black Diamond has been recognized to produce hallucinogenic effects, such as the paint on the walls appearing to shimmer. Additionally, some mild sound amplification may occur. This usually happens if you consume a lot of it, but it can be rather nice to experience if you are expecting it.

As the high builds, your mild calm will develop into a delightful giddiness that leads to big bursts of laughter at things that aren’t really all that amusing. Your body will feel incredibly robust yet equally soothing, giving you a sense of restlessness and energy without allowing you to get up and do anything.

The high from Black Diamond is a classic stoner’s high that makes you feel neither completely worn out nor fully relaxed, but rather calm and unwilling to get up.

Black Diamond, like diamonds, has been called the couple’s best friend due to its mood-boosting and aphrodisiac qualities; many couples purchase this strain hoping to share it with one another.

Toward the end of the high, the indica components take hold and cause a really powerful sensation of drowsiness. You’ll drift off onto a pillow and snore softly.

What about the strain’s actual taste and smell? Is it as good as its parent strains?


The aroma of the Black Diamond strain is strongly berry-like, resembling that of its Blackberry parentage. Black Diamond has an underlying component of earthiness that smells rich, vibrant, and powerful rather than the pungent acidity and tartness of Blackberry.

Breaking up the buds gives out a flavor that is almost identical to browned sugar or nuts, yet it is more profound and distinct. This is the strain that smells somewhat rich and mahogany-like but isn’t overly woody; it’s as if it were one of the closest marijuana strains to a great Cuban cigar.

The strange smells are unique in their tastes, yet indescribable without having experienced it, leading other experienced marijuana smokers to believe that you aren’t actually smoking marijuana.

But what about the taste? Is it simply the same deep, robust tastes on your tongue as with other resins?


The Black Diamond strain’s smoke has a flavor profile that is comparable to its aroma, with a somewhat burned toffee undercutting the strong berry taste on your tongue. However, the smoke is considerably smoother and more mild than you might expect, with such powerful tastes that they almost feel like the drag of a smooth, very pricey cigar.

The taste is similar on the exhale to its initial scent, but the notes of mahogany and fine, hardwood become more apparent, somewhat oaky and overall more robust.

The flavor of Diamond OG is actually quite light, borrowed much more heavily from its Blackberry parentage.

However, it isn’t just the flavor and aroma that set this strain apart from the rest – Black Diamond also has a very interesting appearance as well.


The flowers of the Black Diamond strain are rather unusual, as they appear to be almost entirely flat circles instead of regular marijuana plant blooms. This results in buds that resemble their form and has a very solid structure that is nearly tough to break up.

Black Diamond’s leaves are occasionally marred with severe gashes of purple, which only appear if the plant is grown in particularly chilly weather.

Finally, as with all other potent marijuana strains, Black Diamond is coated in a thick glaze of white trichomes that are both sticky and durable, making it difficult to open the buds of this strain.

If you want your Black Diamond to have this distinctive purple streak, you must make sure that it was cultivated properly by a grower. The ideal approach to do so is to attempt to cultivate it yourself.

Black Diamond Strain Grow Info

Unfortunately, there are no commercially available seeds because to the genetic cloning of the Black Diamond strain. If you want to attempt growing your own Black Diamond, you’ll need a grower who will give you one of his or her cutting.

You may either grow Black Diamond indoors or outdoors, depending on your requirements. Just keep in mind that if you want to see those purple swaths of color, you should ensure that the plant’s vegetative state is properly induced before exposing it to cold weather.

If you’re growing indoors, you might use the air conditioner and blast it with cold air, around 6-7°C for a few hours at night. You’re out of luck if you only want to grow it outside because unless you have very low nighttime temperatures, you’ll be unable to do so.

Because Blue Diamond has a propensity to bush up and not develop much height, it’s similar to other indicas in that respect; make sure you’re cutting any unnecessary leaves that might seek to conceal any of the plant from the essential light it requires to produce strong buds.

If you keep your Black Diamond in the 70+ degree Fahrenheit range and feed it properly, it will thrive on its own. Other than that, all you need is to make sure it stays in the 70+ level Fahrenheit zone while blasting cold air at it.

What kind of THC concentration can you anticipate after harvesting and drying your Black Diamond buds to retain their gorgeous blend of white trichomes?

THC Content – Highest Test

Black Diamond is a strain known for upholding its title as one of the most potent marijuana strains available. Black Diamond was developed with the goal of generating an excellent strain in mind, and it has approximately 21% THC content on average, with the maximum reported level sitting around 24 percent.

Black Diamond is a powerful strain that can easily induce strong hallucinogenic-like effects when abused. If you’re not careful, Black Diamond might have you climbing the wall if you use it excessively.

With such a strong strain, you may anticipate that it has little CBD and 24% THC content.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Unfortunately, you are correct; like most extremely potent cannabis strains with THC levels above 20%, Black Diamond has virtually no CBD.

Because Black Diamond contained very little CBD, it is possible that a few tests reported values as high as 1% or somewhat higher. Because the amount of cannabis plant area available to produce cannabinoids is limited, CBD is frequently neglected because of this.

However, there are still several additional therapeutic advantages of the Black Diamond strain, despite its low CBD content.

Medical Benefits of the Black Diamond Strain

Green Dream is a bit different in its medical uses, owing to the fact that when any specific marijuana strain has sufficient THC, they begin to have similar effects.

The Black Diamond strain is used to treat a variety of health conditions, including stress-related problems such as insomnia. Because of its powerful mood elevating effects and propensity to generate total and complete relaxation and easygoing sentiments, Black Diamond is ideal for overcoming those unpleasant annoyances that stick with you throughout the day after having a stressful encounter.

For those who have difficulty going to sleep at night, Black Diamond is a fantastic strain for eventually lulling you into a restful slumber; however, it’s worth noting that the drowsiness induced by Black Diamond isn’t like other sleep-inducing strains. You will fall asleep more gracefully with Black Diamond, taking several hours to gradually descend and become more gently exhausted until your eyes close for the night.

Another major side effect of the Black Diamond strain is a powerful hunger. For individuals who have difficulty with appetite because to an eating issue or due to medication, the intense munchies provided by Black Diamond can be a literal lifesaver in terms of how much it encourages you to devour everything that comes your way.

Finally, Black Diamond’s high THC concentration makes it excellent for treating both Depression and chronic pain problems – if you’re having a difficult time convincing yourself that you’re OK, or if your body is determined to drive you insane with agony, then Black Diamond might be the perfect strain for you.

Of course, because with all marijuana strains, there are some unfavorable side effects.

Possible Side Effects of the Black Diamond Strain

The most apparent and anticipated side effect of Black Diamond is the typical dry mouth and eyes that follow almost every marijuana strain. The intensity, on the other hand, is considerably higher with Black Diamond, necessitating the use of a glass of water and perhaps even a damp dish towel to battle off the harsh dryness.

Paranoia is the second most frequent adverse effect, occurring in around one-third of individuals who use antidepressants. If you already have a propensity to paranoid ideas or if you are a heavy smoker, this may be more likely.

It’s worth noting that any paranoid sentiments you have as a result of taking too much Black Diamond at once are actually the result of ingesting far too much Black Diamond. The greatest way to counteract this is to make sure you don’t take more Black Diamond than you can handle.

It’s all about how much you smoke and for how long. You don’t want to be overdoing it because that can bring on anxiety, paranoia, or worse still—death.

Final Thoughts on the Black Diamond Strain

The Black Diamond strain is a perplexing one, owing to its strong indica characteristics combined with the first effects of a fairly typical sativa. It has the flavor profile of an exceptionally exquisite cigar rather than the hybrid marijuana strain it truly is.

The flavor and texture of Black Diamond are such that it feels like it should cost far more than it does – as if it’s a high-end, luxury item available only to the wealthiest and most well-off of us.

Unlike other strains, however, Black Diamond is no different; it’s just a bit more difficult to come by because it does not have commercially available seeds.

The Black Diamond cannabis strain is a powerful, mellowed high that’s not only incredibly strong but also smooth and elegant. It’s ideal for stuffing your face and then falling asleep after smoking.

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