Bruce Banished Strain

The Bruce Banished strain is a powerful, minty variety that’s ideal for those wanting something full of flavor while also strong. Mint is a popular and pleasant taste. However, when it comes to cannabis strains like Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies’ sweet taste and potent effects, many people are perplexed about whether they enjoy the strain’s base flavor. You can purchase Insano Cake.

A number of varieties have been bred to produce a pleasant minty taste, which is then complemented by an intensely spicy, deep flavor that forces you to like it. Bruce Banished is one of these strains, offering a wide range of minty tastes as well as a high THC content.

Let’s take a look at this strain and see how amazing it can be.

What Is the Bruce Banished Strain?

Bruce Banished is a joint cultivar that’s been developed to offer intense tastes while also delivering a large THC content. This makes it suitable for individuals searching for strong flavors and wanting only powerful THC effects.

The origins of the Bruce Banished strain are unknown. It’s likely Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies was one of its parents. Its other parent, on the other hand, is less certain. Because it refers to “cookies,” Animal Cookies or a member of the OG family like Fire OG may be possibilities, but it might also be a member of the OG family like Fire OG

It is difficult to know exactly where this potent marijuana strain came from, but regardless of its origins, it has far more THC than any other alternative. After just a few hits of this bud, you will be overwhelmed by its powerful indica effects.

Despite the fact that this mix has a balance of sativa and indica genes, it feels almost entirely like an indica. You’ll notice a pleasant warmth spreading over your entire body, making you feel extremely pleased with yourself and talkative. As a result of these cerebral effects, you may feel as if your brain is exploding with electricity, distracting you from what is going on around you.

Bruce Banished begins as an indica but transforms into a sativa before returning to its indica roots. Its sedative impact is significant, leaving you so calm that you’re slightly bewildered and dazed after only an hour of usage. This strain will make it easy for you to discover a comfortable location to recline and nod off, making it a wonderful choice before bedtime.


The mint in cannabis strains with minty flavor profiles tends to be quite overpowering, so all of the other, subtler tastes are lost in the intensity of mint. This isn’t true with the Bruce Banished strain, which somehow manages to break through the thick, sticky cloud of mintiness despite its other aromas breaking through.

With a strong odor of cookie dough, raw and sweet, this strain is easy to grow. To add to the confusion, there is also only a little bit of diesel. It has just a touch of pine on the very back end, according to at least some of its genes.


Apart from the usual differences between strains and varietals, variations in aroma and taste are common. Something about the smoking of cannabis on your tongue changes the flavor profile, usually altering the flavor drastically from how it smells.

The flavor of Bruce Banished is also unusual, since it has an almost eerily similar taste to its fragrance. The same flavor profiles will be present in the majority of cases. Mintiness will assault your senses, but it’s balanced by the pleasant sweetness of cookie dough and flour.

When you exhale, a little amount of diesel will hit you on the exhale and a modest quantity of pine simultaneously, leaving you feeling parched.


The buds of this strain are quite lovely. When a strain has an excessive number of trichomes on the surface, it is usually because it has a distinct flavor.

Too many trichomes can make the bud appear fuzzy, which is not at all desirable. Bruce Banished, on the other hand, manages to seem fluffier than haired, almost appealing in its cotton candy-like look.

The resin is also good, denoting a high THC concentration and letting you know that it has a powerful THC content and a wide variety of tastes.

Bruce Banished Strain Grow Info

The Bruce Banished strain is a notorious, highly potent and difficult-to-come-by cannabis variety. The main reason for this is that Bruce Banished seed seeds have never been offered for retail sale.

If you want to attempt growing your own at home, you won’t be able to do it from seed. It is the only way to begin cultivating Bruce Banished that you know someone who grows it already and is willing to provide a cutting. If you can obtain a cutting, it’s preferable to grow your Bruce Banished plant indoors because you can more carefully control the temperature.

What is the significance of this? Because we don’t know what makes Bruce Banished grow. If a strain isn’t offered for sale, the entire cannabis growing community has no knowledge regarding it. This is why most growers are unfamiliar with it and what it likes, as well as the specifics of any particular requirements.

This is why growing it indoors is the best option – you can easily check on it, make adjustments as needed, and avoid causing harm to your plant due to poor temperature control or humidity. As long as you keep it properly maintained and groomed, you should have little trouble producing your own Bruce Banished. Just make careful to keep extensive notes so that future growers may benefit from them.

THC Content – Highest Test

The amount of THC in marijuana is measured in percentages, with the most potent strains containing between 12 and 25 percent. THC content varies depending on the type of cannabis plant, with indica having a somewhat lower concentration than sativa.

Bruce Banished Cannabis is one of the most potent cannabis strains available, with a THC concentration over 32%. This is easily one of the most powerful cannabis strains ever, and it can render inexperienced users unconscious if they aren’t cautious.

CBD Content – Highest Test

CBD is the second most prevalent cannabinoid in the cannabis plant, and it has a variety of applications. While most people are searching for high THC amounts, some individuals want a little CBD to balance out their significant amounts of THC.

Unfortunately, those who are expecting a high will be disappointed by the Bruce Banished strain, which contains no CBD at all. All of the CBD in this strain was bred out.

So, don’t go into this strain expecting to feel any pleasant medical benefits from CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Bruce Banished Strain

When you acquire a cannabis strain that can absolutely overpower your senses and leave you feeling more euphoric than you have ever felt, it’s pretty clear what the medical benefits are.

You will almost certainly forget about your pain or inflammation once you’ve taken a few Bruce Banished. The high amount of THC in this strain make it nearly impossible for you to notice any long-term discomfort, making daily living that much simpler.

This strain is also highly effective in assisting you with emotional issues such as stress and depression. Its all-encompassing, pleasantly mesmerizing effects make it difficult to think about any kind of mental illness you may have.

The fourth and most important benefit of the Bruce Banished strain is its ability to put you to sleep. If you have trouble sleeping or simply have poor sleep quality, this is the strain for you. It will completely incapacitate you and make it difficult to do anything else but fall asleep quickly.

There are a few drawbacks to consider, of course.

Possible Side Effects of the Bruce Banished Strain

Because you’re dealing with a strain that contains such a large amount of THC, you’ll want to think about the possible negative consequences.

You may anticipate the typical stoner problems, such as dry mouth and eyes, after smoking this bud. Keep yourself well-hydrated and keep some moist towels on hand to avoid dryness or become really uncomfortable.

The most serious adverse effects of smoking too much of this strain include anxiety, paranoia, and depression. Because to its high THC concentration, it’s simple to smoke too much and enter the world of hallucination, during which you might experience severe mental anguish and severe headaches as well as a little dizziness.

The greatest approach to cure cannabis dependence is to quit smoking entirely. Because this strain is powerful, only smoke a little at a time to get used to it.

Final Thoughts on the Bruce Banished Strain

Cannabis strains are created with a particular aim in mind and are tailored to a specific audience. The Bruce Banished strain is designed for users looking to get as high as possible as quickly as possible.

However, the fact that this strain has such wonderful flavor and long-lasting effects makes it attractive to those who simply want a nice taste.

Bruce Banished is a cannabis variety with an incredible THC concentration and flavors, as well as the capacity to render you unconscious. Its flavor and fragrance, as well as its ability to induce total unconsciousness, make it worthy of inclusion in everyone’s collection of marijuana.

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