Choose Between Electric or Nitro Power

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So, you’ve decided to get an RC car on, but you don’t know what type of power source to choose? Here are a few things you should consider before deciding between electric or nitro power.

Electric cars tend to be cheaper and require less maintenance. They also tend to be more user-friendly for beginner drivers. However, they will need to be recharged regularly and don’t usually have as much power or speed as nitro-powered cars.

Nitro-powered cars are more powerful and may last longer than electric cars, but they usually require more maintenance and experience from the driver. They also tend to cost more than electric cars.

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Pros and Cons of Electric RC Cars:

  • Pros: Cheaper, less maintenance, quieter, easier for beginners
  • Cons: Not as powerful or fast, requires recharging regularly

Pros and Cons of Nitro RC Cars:

  • Pros: More powerful, faster speeds, longer lasting engine
  • Cons: More expensive, more maintenance required, louder engine noise

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