How to choose High Power LED Bulb Reading Lamp

High Power LED Bulb Reading Lamp

When it comes to choosing a high-power LED bulb reading lamp on, there are several factors to consider. While a higher wattage may mean more brightness, it is important to remember that brightness isn’t the only factor at play. Here’s how to choose:


The first step is to understand the wattage and lumens for each bulb — wattage indicates energy consumption, and lumens indicates brightness. Look for a bulb that has the highest lumen rating for the desired wattage. That way, you get the most bang for your buck!

Type of Bulb

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Next, determine which type of LED bulb is best for your needs. Standard light bulbs come in various shapes such as A19, PAR-30, BR30 or MR16. LEDs come in many shapes as well, so determine whether you need one specific shape or can switch it up.

Temperature & Color Rendering Index

LED bulbs also come in different color temperatures (measured in Kelvin (K)) and Color Rendering Index (CRI). Choose warmer tones if you are looking for a cozy feel and cooler tones if you want a brighter atmosphere. The higher the CRI rating (85 or above), the better color accuracy you will get with your LED bulbs — so this factor should be considered as well!

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