How to choose Kraft Paper Pouches

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If you’re looking for Kraft paper pouches, there are plenty of things to consider when making your selection. From size and shape to the type of closure, these details will vary depending on your unique packaging needs.

Size and Shape

When it comes to choosing a Kraft paper pouch, size and shape should be your first consideration. Pouches can be flat or gusseted (flattened on the bottom with a rounded side); the latter is great for holding bulkier items such as granola or cereal. Additionally, choose a size that fits your product well—Bigger isn’t always better!

Closure Mechanism

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The closure mechanism is also important when choosing a pouch—many will have zippers, tear-away notches or resealable adhesive strips. When deciding which one is right for you, think about how customers will access the pouch’s contents most easily. Is a resealable option necessary? Will they need an opening that’s easy to tear open? Or do you want them to use something like a zipper?

With these considerations in mind, you should have no trouble finding the right Kraft paper pouch for your product. Whether you’re looking for something small and flat, or large and gusseted, there are plenty of options out there to take into account.

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