Honey Dew Drops Strain

Honey Dew Drops is a one-of-a-kind strain that comes from Afghani landraces. It has wonderful hybrid effects for afternoon usage, and it’s fantastic! You may be overwhelmed by the variety of strains available at your local marijuana shop when you walk in. It might appear to be a lot for those who are new to cannabis. What should you choose? Perhaps the Honey Dew Drops strain has piqued your interest and you’re wondering if it’s the finest option for you. You can buy Kootenayz Exoticz.

We post a lot of strain evaluations to assist you in making an educated choice. Today, we’ll take a look at the Honey Dew Drops marijuana variety. Stay with us to learn all there is to know about it, including its flavor, effects, and cultivation needs.

Everything you need to know about the Honey Dew Drops strain, whether you’re a budding grower or an MMJ user, can be found here. Without further ado, let’s get this strain under our belt in greater detail.

What Is the Honey Dew Drops Strain?

Honey Dew Drops is a rare strain of cannabis. It’s from Canada, and it’s most likely a cross between Friesland and Pluton. These strains have produced something wonderful: a really well-balanced hybrid.

Honey Dew Drops is a sativa-dominant strain that may be described as a 50/50 mix of indica and sativa. While it’s unlikely to be an exact 50/50 ratio of indica and sativa, the plant’s DNA is uncertain. However, its effects are characterized by a delicate balance between indica and sativa strains.

Honey Dew Drops is best consumed in the late afternoon or evening. Smoking will soon make you too relaxed to do anything. After taking Honey Dew Drops, you’ll get an intense body buzz. In true indica style, the high is mostly focused on the body and physical sensations, as it is in real indica strains.

However, some sativa characteristics shine through. The brain, for example, feels just a little bit sharper cognitively. Many users report an increase in creativity and a euphoric upliftment.

As the high wears off, you will begin to feel increasingly tired. The indica body high will permeate deeper, compelling you to remain on your couch or in bed. Keep in mind that Honey Dew Drops may cause the munchies; keep some food on hand!

Honey Dew Drops’s name is very appropriate for its appearance. The buds are frosted with trichomes and a lovely lavender coloration. The cold tones and colors make for a very icy strain!

Keep reading to learn more about the Honey Dew Drops strain, including how to grow it.


Honey Dew Drops has a typical cannabis aroma. It’s high in terpenes, including humulene and myrcene, giving it a mossy, earthy smell. The stench only gets stronger when you fracture the buds. Most individuals will be unable to tell anything apart from these odors, with the dominant scent being an earthy fragrance. People with a strong sense of smell may detect traces of pine in the blend.

All in all, Honey Dew Drops is quite normal smelling, but it does have some pleasant piney notes if you inhale deeply enough.


As for the flavor, Honey Dew Drops is pretty similar to its aroma. It’s not harsh, so you can breathe through the smoke easily and really appreciate the dank notes. On the inhale, it’s earthy and mossy, like its aroma.

Let it linger on the tongue, and you may notice some sweeter hints. The lavender coloration in the bud stems from some of the same chemicals in blue-colored fruits. You might detect notes of blackberry and blueberry. Some users even report undertones of orange!

The flavor of honey dew drops is subtle and pleasant, but it’s there if you look for it. Honey Dew Drops has a nice flavor, especially to fans of robust marijuana. It has just enough pine and sweetness to make it more addictive.


Honey Dew Drops is a unique strain in terms of appearance. It’s a pale plant with a few brown nuggets scattered throughout the buds, owing to dark clusters of golden pistils. The buds are rather lengthy, contributing to the high yield.

The most apparent feature of the plant is its brilliant purple hues, which are complemented by delicate lavender tints. The Honey Dew Drops strain may develop purplish tips on buds when grown at lower temperatures, resulting in a rather attractive appearance. There might be a few white sparkly trichomes as well. It has the potential to appear quite icy, making it an excellent name-giving strain.

Honey Dew Drops Strain Grow Info

Prospective growers will be pleased to know that Honey Dew Drops doesn’t require any specialized knowledge. You can pretty much leave Honey Dew Drops to its own devices, as it’s a hardy strain that can survive on its own.

Quebec and is appropriate for the north. As a result, it thrives in northern locations with severe winters. This strain’s producers in Canada and the northern United States will appreciate how simple it is to cultivate it outdoors. Furthermore, some colder temperatures will give this flower its lovely lavender tint.

In fact, the Honey Dew Drops strain thrives outdoors. The main problem you will have is the smell; nosy neighbors might pick up on the scent of cannabis in your garden! As long as you can establish some decent security, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Finding Honey Dew Drops seeds may also be a significant problem. Because the strain is uncommon, finding seeds for it might be tough. Sourcing some clippings from a friend who grows this strain is your best option. Clipping are also simpler to produce since they’re clones, reducing the danger of some of the more complicated phases when growing from seed. It also offers greater consistency in terms of growth.

Honey Dew Drops is said to create large yields. There isn’t enough precise data on this strain, so it’s impossible to say how much bud each plant produces. You may be fortunate enough to get a lot of functional bud!

THC Content – Highest Test

Honey Dew Drops’ THC strength is a topic of much debate. The exact quantity of THC in Honey Dew Drops has never been determined. Some samples have been tested at as little as 15% THC, while others have reached up to 21%! To put it another way, the potency range for Honey Dew Drops ranges from moderate to strong, with a lower end that hovers around high.

If you have a higher-THC sample, be wary about using Honey Dew Drops. Go low and slow, and you should not get negative effects.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Honey Dew Drops appears to have little if any CBD content. The CBD level is usually less than 1%. Despite the low CBD content, Honey Dew Drops may still possess some medical applications because of its high THC concentration.

Medical Benefits of the Honey Dew Drops Strain

The hybrid effects of Honey Dew Drops make this strain useful for MMJ users with a variety of conditions. Of course, every medical patient reacts differently to cannabis, but here is a brief rundown of some conditions Honey Dew Drops could help.

The first thing to think about is that Honey Dew Drops contains uplifting sativa compounds, making it ideal for counteracting mental anguish. Users of Honey Dew Drops claim that it helps with low mood, sadness, and tension. Try some Honey Dew Drops if you’re going through a tough time or have persistent stress.

The mental stimulation will have you feeling more optimistic in no time. In addition, the inventiveness may provide a release for some of your emotions. The happiness will spread throughout your body and mind, making you feel like a walking ray of sunshine. Furthermore, the indica body high will relax every muscle in your body. It’s difficult to be stressed when you’re basking in such sweet bliss on the couch! Honey Dew Drops is particularly beneficial for letting off steam after a long day or week

Many individuals claim that Honey Dew Drops helps with severe headaches. Although certain strains of marijuana might create headaches, Honey Dew Drops does not. Consider ingesting it if you have a tension headache or migraine. Along with your anxiety, your agony will go!

You will feel drowsy at the end of the high. According to anecdotal evidence, Honey Dew Drops can help you fall asleep as well as enhance sleep quality. If you have difficulty sleeping or are tired, keep some of this strain on hand to assist with your situation.

The soporific effects are crucial to remember. If you’re planning on using Honey Dew Drops to treat stress, headaches, etc., then make sure you’re okay with falling asleep a few hours later. Perhaps stick to evening use.

Possible Side Effects of the Honey Dew Drops Strain

Cannabis strains have various negative effects. Dry mouth and eyes are common symptoms of Honey Dew Drops. It’s a cannabinoid side effect that comes with every strain. Fortunately, cottonmouth may be treated with a glass of water. Eye drops can be used to treat dry eyes while simultaneously. Both are short-term effects that aren’t too difficult to deal with.

Some users may be sensitive to THC. Samples of Honey Dew Drops with a higher THC content may trigger anxiety in those susceptible to anxious feelings. Be careful when using any marijuana strain and make sure you’re in a comfortable environment when you begin to smoke. If you’re anxiety-prone or using weed for the first time, perhaps smoke with friends.

Finally, Honey Dew Drops has been associated with the munchies. For some people, such as those suffering from an eating issue, hunger-inducing strains might be beneficial. When undergoing chemotherapy, some cancer patients benefit from hunger-inducing strains. For many users, though, it’s a pain.

Be aware that you’ll be rifling through the snack cupboard when high on Honey Dew Drops. Perhaps grab some healthy snacks before you settle down and smoke, then hope you don’t venture too far!

Final Thoughts on the Honey Dew Drops Strain

All in all, Honey Dew Drops is a pretty fun strain to try. It combines the best of both worlds, with a relaxing indica body high and uplifting cerebral effects. While the flavor isn’t particularly something to shout about, it does possess some piney and sweet notes that make it a joy to smoke.

Honey Dew Drops makes a great recreational strain thanks to its joy-provoking effects. However, many medical marijuana patients also enjoy it for its range of benefits. For example, Honey Dew Drops can help with mood disorders, migraines, and insomnia. The delightful progression of the high will take you through a range of pleasant effects.

Honey Dew Drops is a relatively little-known strain. For example, we don’t know precisely how much THC it contains or how much bud it creates. It has a high yield, according to growers, and is simple to grow. Try lowering the temperature in order to highlight the lavender coloration if you wish to attempt it.

Have you been fortunate enough to try some Honey Dew Drops marijuana? If so, let us know how you found it in the comments below.

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