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The uplifting high provided by the Stevie Wonder strain makes it a popular leisure choice. However, it is also popular among MMJ users since to its ability to help them relax and de-stress. Consider including this strain in your evening routine if your major objective is to wind down for the day without falling asleep on the couch or going into sleep mode. Buy Stevie Wonder strain with cheap weed delivery toronto.

Even the most experienced breeders know that every once in a while, it’s a crapshoot when they combine two strains. They’re usually aware of what to anticipate, but things don’t always go as planned. Imagine how nervous they get when they combine FOUR strains! Breeders of Stevie Wonder had this problem, but they nailed it with this strain.

What Is the Stevie Wonder Strain?

The Stevie Wonder weed is a sativa-dominant hybrid. It’s a mix of Blueberry, Sensi Star, Trainwreck, and Bubba Kush. The Bodhi Seeds crew named their amazing flower after the renowned musician Stevie Wonder, who overcame adversity to bring joy to millions of people with his music.

Users of this strain claim that they experience happiness while intoxicated on it as well! One suggestion is to smoke Stevie Wonder while listening to his music.

You’ll start by feeling a terrific cerebral high that starts with a buzz around the brow and eyes. The pressure rises gradually, and after minutes, you will be experiencing an outstanding sense of euphoria.

The most popular remedy for morning drowsiness is cannabis. It has a distinctive flavor, which some people enjoy and others dislike. The high usually causes you to be more clear-headed and improves your mood, as well as possibly raising your appetite.

It’s a very thrilling ride, but it doesn’t quite match Trainwreck in terms of intensity. Nonetheless, you’ll soon discover that a big grin has spread across your face as the good times continue to roll. You will probably be extremely tired after several hours of pleasure. Sedation is unlikely unless you overdo it, however.

Users state that they have a clear head and do not get hungry at the end of the high, although there is a small chance of getting munchies.


The Stevie Wonder strain has a distinct smell that is typical of cannabis. The musky, flowery scent that will attract experienced users straight from the packageFlavor

After taking a hit of Stevie Wonder, you’ll undoubtedly detect an earthy flavor with orange and grape undertones. You’ll be itching to return for more once you’ve gotten used to the taste’s initial kick.


The Stevie Wonder strain is potent in THC, but you wouldn’t realize it just looking at the buds. They’re tiny and spade-shaped with a thin sheen of white trichomes that don’t prepare you for the punch. The dark green leaves blend in well with the brown and orange pistils.

Stevie Wonder Strain Grow Info

Stevie Wonder seeds may be found on the internet, and this strain is capable of being cultivated both indoors and outside. However, an outdoor-grown Stevie Wonder can grow to be 12 feet tall! If you stick with it, you’ll be able to harvest your crop in late October. If everything performed properly, each plant should yield around 12 ounces. According on the description, it prefers a semi-dry atmosphere.

Growing Stevie Wonder indoors is more realistic and easier for the majority of people! Maintain a daytime temperature between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the growth cycle. Indoors, this plant reaches a medium height, but you should aim to top your crop to keep them manageable.

It grows bushy, so trim the fan leaves to assist the low-growing nodes receive more light and air circulation. Stevie Wonder is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a long flowering period of 9-11 weeks. It can yield 10 ounces of usable marijuana per square meter planted.

THC Content – Highest Test

Stevie Wonder is not a strain for novices. Its THC content ranges from 19% to 24%, with 21% being typical.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Stevie Wonder has 0.6 percent CBD, according to testing, although there is some in him. Even if it isn’t particularly high, it is more than most high-THC strains.

Medical Benefits of the Stevie Wonder Strain

The Stevie Wonder strain is popular among MMJ patients suffering from chronic pain because to its power. Because it works quickly, you may feel the aches and pains in your body subside. Users claim that this strain’s analgesic effects last for many hours.

The most popular use of Stevie Wonder’s strain is as a mood enhancer. The uplifting high that helps you escape from stressful or sad feelings could be beneficial to those who suffer from stress or sadness. It also keeps your thoughts clear for the most part, which is fantastic. Its strength, on the other hand, dictates that you should only consume it at home late in the day after finishing your job.

Possible Side Effects of the Stevie Wonder Strain

Stevie Wonder, like other strong THC variants, can cause anxiety if you consume too much of it. Because novice users have a low THC tolerance, they could also experience headaches and dizziness. Otherwise, the most common negative effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes.

Final Thoughts on the Stevie Wonder Strain

The Stevie Wonder strain is a wonderful choice if you want to brighten your mood while still being somewhat level-headed. The cerebral high makes you smile, and there isn’t much body relaxation. It’s used by people suffering from depression, stress, and chronic pain to help increase their appetite.

Patients using medical marijuana frequently report using Stevie Wonder for depression, stress, chronic pain, and occasionally to assist with appetite.

Growing Stevie Wonder is not difficult, but it does require some know-how. If you’re growing it indoors, you’ll need to trim it and possibly top it. Overall, most people like the sweet, fragrant taste. One last thing: when Stevie Wonder was in his early twenties, he tried cannabis and absolutely despised it! Hopefully, if you’re a first-time user, things go better for you. In that case, we’d suggest trying a less powerful strain.

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